Is there a finer season than fall?

No, there is not.

In a country famous for its short summers and miserable winters, you might think fall would be my least favourite season. After all, it marks the end of summer and heralds the beginning of that frigid, seemingly endless winter.

And yet, fall is my absolute favourite time of year; especially now, with the air so crisp and cool in the mornings.

It’s at this time of year that I’m most often and most vividly reminded of my youth; those early mornings in September when I’d be standing at the bus stop, waiting to be whisked off to another year of school. There was always so much optimism, so much promise in the air on those cool September mornings.

Unsurprisingly, I feel that same optimism today.

Even though my life isn’t as simple as it was so many years ago — the challenges are a little more sophisticated than, say, finishing my homework on time — while walking to work this week — the temperature just cold enough to make it brisk, but not so much so that I require a sweater — I’ve been filled with that same sense of excitement I felt in my youth.

For while it’s fall, it feels like a new year beginning. And what a year it will be: the year I left Ottawa and started fresh in my hometown.


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