Eating social

Web 2.0 is reinventing how we communicate; how we think; how we do business and politics; how we travel, work, eat, shop, play.  And, since I’ve never been one to shy away from a bandwagon, I’ve gladly jumped aboard.

Blog?  Check.  Facebook? Check.  Twitter?  Check.  Linked In?  Check.  Check.

I also recently registered with Dopplr, which is billed as a, “service for smart international travellers.”  Why add that to my already-burgeoning suite of social networks?  Why not!  I travel internationally and didn’t fall off the turnip truck recently, so I figured it couldn’t hurt.  Besides, I think the name is quite clever.

My next foray: Urbanspoon.

My friend Rachelle, whom I’ve mentioned previously, blogs about food and through Urbanspoon has the top-rated food blog in Ottawa.  While I doubt I will be able to achieve the same notoriety, I will certainly look to her for guidance and inspiration as I set off in search of new haunts in Winnipeg to replace the restaurants and bars I will be leaving behind when I bid farewell to Ottawa.

Stay tuned.


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