Going boldy on Blu-Ray

I have a confession to make: I’m a Trekker.

That’s right, I love Star Trek. (Fear not, I love Star Wars, too.)

I’m partial to the films, rather than the television shows — which, for me, only include the original series and The Next Generation (Captains Kirk and Picard, for the uninitiated.) Like so many fans, I was also apprehensive about J. J. Abrams’ cinematic reboot, Star Trek, released earlier this year. I was not disappointed.

And just yesterday, the film was released on Blu-Ray. Naturally, I picked up a copy and my brother and I watched it last night. I’m happy to report it was just as good in the comfort of our home as it was in the IMAX theatre.

Pine, Quinto and Urban absolutely nail their respective performances as Kirk, Spock and Bones. Anton Yelchin and Simon Pegg delight as Checkhov and Scotty. And the Enterprise, she does a bang up job, too. (Then again, she always does.)

Abrams’ well-documented obsession with lens flares wasn’t a distraction either; on the contrary, I think they give the film an ethereal, exciting quality. (Yes, the future is that bright!)

What else? Oh yeah, two words: Leonard Nimoy.


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