Greetings from Doha

I made it.

After nearly 20 hours in the air, 9 time zones, 4 feature-length films, 3 airports, 2 mid-flight dinners and 1 missed connection, I’ve finally arrived in Doha, Qatar safe, sound and sane.

My home for the next two weeks will be the Doha Marriott. I’ve already sampled the breakfast buffet. It’ll do just fine. The fitness centre is also nice. And the pool is a dream. All in all, it ain’t too shabby.

The Internet connection, however, is causing me no small headache. Aside from the fact it isn’t free (disgraceful nowadays, in my opinion), it’s also horrendously buggy. It doesn’t like Safari one bit. I’m pretty sure it’s going to give Firefox the boot any minute now, too.

Still, if the Internet is my biggest complaint, I’m doing okay.

The tournament doesn’t start for another day or so. (I always like to arrive a few days in advance to recover from the jet lag and get my bearings.) Thankfully, I long ago mastered the art of doing as little as possible. And so, with the full knowledge it’s the middle of winter back home, I’ll soon be relocating myself to the poolside patio to soak up the sun and sea air.

Life is hard, eh?


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