FML, part deux

As you might recall, I had a very bad day in May. What should have been a straightforward process — applying for an enhanced identity card to speed cross-border travel — became a bureaucratic nightmare.

I survived and managed to set things straight: my passport and my driver’s license now both contain my full, legal name.

Case closed? Not quite.

When my NEXUS card finally arrived in the mail, my jaw dropped in disbelief.

Kristopher Ade.

I kid you not. After all the fuss about “Kristopher” not being my legal name because it’s my middle one, the US government issued me a card without my first and “legal” name.

What are the odds? I mean, really.

For what it’s worth — after my third trip to the Immigration office at the Winnipeg airport — I was assured by my new best friend, Canadian Customs Lady, I would not need a new card: my name as it appears in the US government’s system has my first, middle and last names.

“Kristopher,” incidentally, is also listed as my nickname. A small consolation, I guess.


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