Up, up and away!

I once again find myself sitting in the departure lounge of Winnipeg’s airport. Bags checked. Boarding pass in hand. The exhilaration of take-off awaits.

And this time, I’m flying up and away with no return date and only the flimsiest of itineraries.

I do know this much: from Winnipeg, I’m flying to Toronto; from Toronto, Barcelona by way of Brussels; I need to be in Casablanca on the 14th of July, Dublin on the 24th, and Edinburgh on the 7th of August.

Other than that? No plans.


I’m luckier still, since I won’t be on this adventure all by my lonesome; I’ll be with various friends along the way.

So, here’s to summer, to friends, to sunny days, to safe travels and to happy returns.


1 comment
  1. Ron said:

    Enjoy! I’m jealous.

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