New chapter? New book!

About this time last year, I launched this blog.

I did so because I was, as I described at the time, starting a new chapter in my life. A year later, I find myself starting something that seems so much larger and more dramatic than yet another chapter; nay, I feel like I’ve started a whole new book.

What, you ask, am I doing now?

I’ve returned to school; this time as a student of the culinary arts. I’m enrolled at Winnipeg’s Red River College in their two-year program.

Quite the departure from a life of communications and politics and suits and ties, eh?

Indeed, when I consider what I’ve done with my life in the past decade (about which you can read more by visiting my professional website), this latest endeavour is definitely a departure from the norm. Not that I mind changing things up; on the contrary, part of the appeal of culinary school was how much it would alter my life’s trajectory.

Rest assured, I didn’t take the decision to return to school lightly, nor did I make it overnight. In fact, I’d kicked around the idea for a few years. However, fear — of the unknown, of failure, of starting over — had held me back.

Until now.

After a remarkable year, best summed up simply by flipping through the pages of my passport, I’ve conquered those fears. I managed to wrestle a few personal demons to the ground, too. And so, I’ve embarked on this new journey, this next step, this new book with an open mind and a restful soul.

I honestly don’t know how the next two years will unfold — does anyone? — but I’m excited to find out.


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