Keep calm and carry on

A good friend of mine chastised me recently for my shoddy blogging record.

I confess: I’ve neglected my blog of late; however, frankly, with all that is happening in the world right now — serious, unspeakable things — I’ve been reluctant to say anything at all.

My life seems so utterly unimportant when one considers the remarkable revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt, the unrest in Yemen and Bahrain, the unfolding civi war in Libya, and, worst of all, the horrific tragedy in Japan.

In times like these, I suppose all we can do is keep calm and carry on.

1 comment
  1. Don Mills said:

    In times like these it’s more important than ever to live your life the way you always have. Feel lucky you are who and where you are. You can still do this without being ignorant of the rest of the world. Just appreciate it more.

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