Boning out the hip

Ah yes, the hind leg of a steer.

After a week brushing up on our butchery skills (with legs of pig and lamb, and a long loin of pork) we began the daunting task of fabricating cow. First task: boning out a hip of beef, known as a Ponderosa Hip.

Despite it’s size — 38.6 kilograms — the hip was surprisingly easy to bone out. The seams were well-defined, making the task of breaking it down to its sub-primal parts (inside round roast, outside round roast, eye of the round, shank) relatively straightforward.

To better appreciate the costs associated with butchery, we did a yield test. At the end of the day, my partner and I managed to squeak out a profit of 7%. From this I learned my future as a butcher isn’t particularly bright. I also gained a renewed appreciation for the industry, its people and the animals they rear, and all the hard-work that goes into raising, slaughtering and butchering meat for mass consumption.


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