Our family’s rock, Walden Way’s Howard Bear, passed away peacefully today at the age of 11.

The gaping void his passing leaves at the very core of our family is immense and irreplaceable. For Howard was the most extraordinary dog: a beautiful Golden Retriever; a loving companion to his brother and sister, Misha and Bella, and to his late brothers Gus and Buddy; forever the cheeky monkey; his tale always thumping; lover of Caesar salad, watermelon, every possible kind of meat and cheese, chew bones and “big cookies.”

His presence was like a shining light in our lives. Always happy, full of surprises, tender-hearted and oh so clever.

Our rock, our center, our very heart and soul. He kept us strong and, in tough times, kept us together.

There will never be another dog like Howie. How blessed we were that he chose us — and gave us so many years of love, laughter, companionship and caring.

Rest in peace, old guy. We love you, and always will.

  1. Susan said:

    My heart aches.

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