It’s all about the biga

Biga. Poolish. Sourdough Starter. Old Dough.

All roads lead to Rome — and so many good breads start with one of the aforementioned pre-ferments. For a really good Focaccia, trust the Italian biga. Which is precisely what I did this past week; my first back in the culinary classroom following my summer work placement.

Much like my time in Red River College’s Hard Drive Café, during my first year of culinary arts, I am currently in a section of the program — Lunch Dining — that divides the kitchen up into sections through which my classmates and I rotate on a daily basis. And on my first day of lunch service in Prairie Lights Restaurant, and the week of class that preceded it, I was on the Breads Station.

Hence the Focaccia. And dinner rolls. And scones. And na’an. And poppodoms.

Yeah, it’s been busy. But I’m proud to say, after a few missteps, I managed to get a pretty good handle on the Focaccia (one chef even went so far as to say I “mastered it”!) and all the other breads for which I was responsible.

From here, I slide into the roll of Chef, then Sous, then Expediter, before moving through the line and around the kitchen.

It’s early days, but I feel pretty good about my second year as a culinary arts student. I’m terribly anxious to learn as much as I can, expanding both my breadth of knowledge and set of skills.

After all, I’m not getting any younger — and time, famously, waits for no man. So, let’s get going!

Yes, Chef!


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