This and that and so on and so forth

July seems to have gone on forever.

No doubt the record-breaking temperatures and stifling humidity have contributed to the dreamlike state in which time has passed; so too, sadly, did the sudden and tragic passing of Cafe Belong’s executive chef, Dan DeMatteis, at the beginning of the month cast these ensuing weeks with a surreal gloom.

Various Toronto-based culinary websites have paid tribute to Dan, here, here and here. A website has also been established for friends to share their thoughts, memories and photos of Dan, here. I encourage you to spend a moment learning about him and his life. He will be missed.

Thankfully, there have also been moments of relief, of rest and of relaxation. One day in particular stands out, a few weeks ago: I took myself to the beach at Ward’s Island. Sweltering, sun beating down on the sand, I whiled away the afternoon with a good book, a large bottle of water, and plenty of sunscreen. It was sublime—and definitely cast Toronto in a whole new light.

Speaking of Toronto, I’ve received quite a bit of feedback on my previous post about the city. Most, it would seem, can’t take a joke—even a pointed one.

To those Torontonians I’ve offended: thanks for proving my point. To everyone else: whilst I appreciate your concerns for my mental state and overall well-being, I assure you I’m just fine. Heck, I’m grand!

Indeed, as was made all too plain this month, life is fragile and fleeting. Do not miss a moment, or waste a second; live life to the fullest, be thankful for everything, find the good in all things.

And love—always and all ways.

  1. Azsatan said:

    July seemed to have gone on forever and August is going by at the speed of light… Mixed feelings.

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