Suddenly, with little warning, our family was forced to make the heart-wrenching decision to say a final farewell to our beloved lady, our tank girl, our beautiful Bella Bean. She was thirteen.

For eight years she warmed our hearts, brought smiles to our faces, filled our home with love and laughter, and delighted us with her flirtatious ways, her beguiling eyes, her ears as soft as velvet lily pads.

Almost by accident, we welcomed Bella into our home eight years ago. Full or neouroses and nervousness, Bella, along with her brother and constant companion, Misha, joined our clan. Soon, however, she and her brother settled into a routine and a life most dogs would surely envy.

Bella showed a particular aptitude for hunting frogs and mice, and never tired of chasing rabbits and deer during those many runs on farmers’ fields and along the Floodway. Indeed, she lived for the weekend, when her favourite man, my father, would don a pair of jeans and take her, and the boys (Misha and Howard) on a run. Howling with excitement for the entire journey, Bella was always first out of the car, last back in it.

Even in her golden years, when she started carrying a little more weight around the waist, she never lost her zeal for the outdoors, nor her grace and dignity. Ever a lady, she preferred her nails left a little longer than her brother’s; thrived on the attention of the men in her life; took herself to bed well before everyone else—a girl needs her beauty sleep; always made room for a little girl-time with my mother.

She loved toast with peanut butter. Happily spent afternoons in the heat of the sun. Had the most expressive brown eyes. Was a true character, unique and adorable.

While the end is inevitable, never did we imagine it would be quite like this. Thankfully, in those final hours she was surrounded by her family, and by love.

Our house and our hearts will forever be emptier without our Bella. She was and will always be our saucy broad.

  1. Anne said:

    Such a loving tribute to a beautiful gal, Kris. I loved being bookended on the couch by those two crazy kids. There is nothing quite as lovely as those German Short Hair Pointer ears.
    Love to you,
    Auntie Anne

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