Hard reset

I’ve apologized once already for neglecting my little slice of the worldwide web. Doing so again would only lessen my sincerity. Nevertheless, I’m keenly aware of how little attention I’ve paid to my blog.

Not to excuse the inaction, but I’ve had very little of anything to say that merits space on here, or anywhere for that matter. Oh sure, I could’ve ranted about any number of things that grind my gears: climate change deniers; western nations’ ambivalence to atrocities in Syria and elsewhere; Canada’s devolution into a jingoistic petro state; Winnipeg’s SHED. There are others, though, who’ve ranted more intelligently and articulately than I ever could. No sense reinventing the wheel.

What have I been doing with my time, then? Well, after waiting nearly six months for a job to commence, I lasted only six weeks at it before packing it in. Definitely wasn’t the right fit for me. Among other things, I went back to school to train as a cook, not a bartender.

Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait long for a new, and infinitely better opportunity to cross my path (largely thanks to the kindness of a truly remarkable poppy). I’m now plying my trade at Diversity Foods. I couldn’t be happier.

Better still, I should have more time for some of my other personal pursuits, blog included. Phew!


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