Sticks and stones

Wrote this piece a few years ago to commemorate Pink Shirt Day. Meant every word of it then, and still do today.

Kris Ade

On February 29th, Leap Day, Lady Gaga unveiled her Born This Way Foundation. Canada’s pink shirt day against bullying also took place.

Fitting: Leap Day has always been a day for outcasts and iconoclasts, rarities and rituals.

These initiatives and others like them (e.g., Ally Week; the It Gets Better project; NOH8) share similar, important aims: making our communities safer, kinder, more accepting for all our children and teens — regardless of their sex, gender, identity, image. And in every case, that starts when the bullying stops.

I can think of no greater scourge on playgrounds, in locker rooms, on buses, in cafeterias than bullying. Tragically, it isn’t going away. It isn’t even getting better. Bullying has never been worse, the consequences never more fatal than they are right now.

It breaks my heart — and fills my gut with a white-hot rage.

Sticks and stones

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