At approximately 6:20 pm on Friday, March 21st, Beatrix passed away with the help of the compassionate staff at the McLeod Veterinary Clinic.

Beatrix was my partner Jillian’s dog. In a wonderful bit of luck, Jill found Beatrix through an online ad about three years ago and her life and mine were forever changed because of it.

They say sometimes our pets pick us. That could definitely be said about Bea. She picked Jill and me. And in the nearly three years she was a part of our lives, she taught us so much about each other, about living, and about love.

Bea lived with such purpose. In everything she did—walking, sitting, snoozing, eating, even peeing—she did it with such gusto, so much zeal. Life was for living and she wasn’t going to miss a moment.

Even a devastating bout of bone cancer seven months ago wasn’t going to stop Bea. Knowing her spirit was so strong and her will so great, we opted to have her front leg amputated to end the pain she had been suffering, and hopefully to extend her life. It was a difficult decision, but one neither Jill nor I regretted: Bea made sure of that by showing such courage, bravery and strength during her recovery and the months afterwards.

She was true inspiration… on three legs.

In my life I have had to say farewell to four dogs prior to Bea; while each was heart-breaking, saying goodbye to Bea was utterly devastating. I’ve never known a love like Bea’s, and have never loved a dog as much as I loved her.

Bea was at once like our mother and our daughter. She cared for Jill and me like a mother would her pups; leading us on walks, licking us to clean us and soothe our aches, sleeping amongst us to protect us and keep us warm. Her love was unconditional, overwhelming and profoundly soulful. And we loved her like parents would their daughter; admired her beauty, marvelled her every trick or feat, showered her with gifts and clothes (so many sweaters!), moved heaven and earth to keep her healthy and safe. We mourn her in those ways, too. And will love her forever and always.





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