On a beautiful autumn afternoon just 15 days before his 15th birthday, our family said goodbye to our beloved German Shorthaired Pointer, Misha. He passed with the same gentleness of spirit with which he lived his life in the arms of his favourite person in this world, my father.

Misha and his sister, Bella, who passed quite suddenly nearly 2 years ago, joined our family a decade ago; rescued together as brother and sister because they were inseparable. And together they were welcomed into our home by our most extraordinary boy, Howard Bear, who took great delight in their company and companionship in the years they all lived together.

A connoisseur of pizza and roasted chicken, Misha was never one to miss the chance to partake in either. Even in his later years, with his eyesight and hearing having both faded, his nose would always know when such things were being baked or roasted. Always for him, of course.

While we worried terribly for him when his sister was gone, he surprised us all with his resilience, strength and, in fact, delight at finally being the centre of our attention and affection. And how could we not dote upon such an adoring, adorable, sweet-natured boy; our very own Mr. Magoo.

Too often we’ve been compelled to say farewell to our dogs with little warning or to end acute pain and suffering. Not so with our Meesh. He’d lived a life of happiness and love and never knew pain, discomfort or disease. His days were pleasant, leisurely affairs, dotted with moments of hilarity and fun thanks to the tenderness of his dearest friend, Stella, and by occasional visits from Beatrix and, most recently, Anubis.

With Misha’s passing, our family not only mourns him, but also, all over again, his sweet sister and our wonderful Howard, who together formed a very special and significant pack within our family.

We are comforted in knowing he passed peacefully, surrounded by the same love that we’d had for him throughout the decade he was with us, and with the knowledge we had been there for him and done right by him when he needed us most of all.

As has been the case every time we’ve said goodbye to one of our wonderful dogs, our hearts are broken; thankfully, they will mend with the lifetime of memories Misha leaves with us and the love we will forever have for him.

Together Again

Together Again


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